Our Property Management Services

We Will Do Everything, You Will Relax

Managing your properties alone can be an extremely tricky and stressful commitment. It’s a full-time job, requiring several time and effort. Entrusting them to an expert and skilful agent, your properties will be expertly managed with efficiency and you will have more time for yourself and your family.

Robert Manning offers outstanding property management services. We will manage your property from every aspect: finding the right tenants, doing the reference checks, collecting the monthly rent, regular inspections, maintenance management and moving out of the tenants. In a few words: from the beginning to the end. Our fully managed service requires the minimum level of involvement from you, ensuring your let is as hassle-free as possible.

Thanks to our experience in the local area, we can guarantee exceptional and efficient work.

Property Management Services

We Will Do Everything, You Will Relax

A Free Property Appraisal

Our expert agents will give you a rental valuation for an optimal rent fee. In addition, we will give you a report about how many properties have been sold or let on that street over the last five years, how many properties are on the market in that area, the average rent price in your area and other key information.

Tenant References and Credit Checks

When we will find your tenants to ensure that they perfectly suit your needs. We will do independent extensive tenant references and credit checks, ID checks, employment checks, address checks, avoiding CCJs and adverse histories. 

Rent Collection

Every month, we will collect the rent of the tenants via standing order, process and send to you along with monthly statements. You will receive your monthly rent without doing anything. If there will be any problem with the rent collection, we will deal and fix it as soon as possible.

Regular Inspections

We want to make sure that everything is going well, anytime, therefore we will do quarterly inspections to ensure the property is being well cared for.

Maintenance Management

Property needs maintenance continuously. We will handle every aspect of property maintenance, working with your or our approved trades.

Move Out

When a tenant will move, we will handle all aspects of move out: damage/wear and tear assessments, all the paperwork, utility providers, local councils, etc.

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