Why We Are Different

What Makes Robert Manning Different?

Robert Manning Cares

Well, every agency says that. However, how many agencies out there, apart from the catchy words on their website, do really mean and do what they say? How many agencies operate with an aloof and impersonal approach? How many times did you feel neglected, used just as a “tool” for making money? How many times did you see your property managed without the adequate care?

At Robert Manning we fight against this inhuman approach. Sometimes the real estate world can be a nightmare, full of tricky processes and bureaucratic papers. It’s easy, in this environment, to fall into aloof working relations. Agents easily forget that the people’s homes are not just houses, which they can place at stake in their daily businesses. A home is a place where someone has put their heart into it. Therefore, agents are not dealing just with houses, but with hearts of clients. We can’t deal with the hearts using an inhuman and aloof approach.

At Robert Manning we do our best to make sure that our tenants find their perfect home, where they can put their heart into it, and that our landlords feel carefree, since their properties are in good and caring hands.

Here, as a part of Robert Manning, we commit to take care of our landlord’s properties and of our tenants’ needs, just like a thoughtful mother takes care of her family’s house and children.

Robert Manning is Trustworthy

While the priority of most real estate agencies is profit, Robert Manning’s main priority is our clients’ satisfaction. Of course, we aim at gaining profit, as every business in the market does, but from our perspective, there is no honour and no rejoicing in making profit without providing useful, helpful and satisfying services. Our priorities correspond to the priorities of our customers.

That’s why we pride ourselves on being a trustworthy agency. Robert Manning is grounded in values such as integrity, honesty and openness.

Robert Manning is Competent and Efficient

The founders and managers of Robert Manning were born and raised in London. Therefore, we know the London’s environment and the boroughs of our city inside out. We have been working in the real estate market for decades, thus we developed a deep knowledge and competence in this field. We know very well our job, and we work every day to improve our results and optimise our skills to clients’ needs.

Robert Manning consists of talented and smart workers, accurately selected by us. We have built a young and clever team, bringing the forefront technology and a touch of “freshness” to the mouldy world of real estate. Our smart administrators, clever negotiators and brilliant marketers are competent at their specialisation and have an outstanding knowledge in the field of real estate.

The organisation at Robert Manning is extremely efficient. Our team allocates time and resources in the most efficient, getting the most out of its work. Everything is well coordinated and organised. We don’t tolerate mishandling, inefficiency, waste of time, disorganisation and incompetence.

In conclusion, we can say that at Robert Manning our clients’ priorities are our own priorities, hereby we know what to do and how to do in order to deliver the best service.

Discover For Yourself Our Difference!

The best way to understand is to try. Try our services, understanding yourself our qualities that make us different.