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Top Five Home Designs in London

Home styles vary by person, by taste and by city. What some might find attractive in some parts of the UK, others won’t find as attractive where they live and vice versa. It is easier to choose on specific city to study and come up with a list of the most popular home designs than it is to choose a much broader area. To show the diverse range of housing styles and the which ones are chosen over others, we chose to take a look at London’s property market and see which home designs sold more than others and which ones were more popular among current homeowners.

What we came up with is a very interesting list of home styles that ranges from Pre-Georgian Detached, to the latest Eco-Builds and the figures that go along with our list might be a bit surprising. Keep reading to see which London home designs are the most popular.

Here are the Top Five Home Designs in London:

  1. Georgian Detached- This style, depicted by their stately appearance, brick or stone construction and two or three storeys with a symmetrical appearance both internally and externally was chosen by 23% of London homeowners.
  2. Modern/ New Build- during the 1990s, home styles began to look more modern and sleek and were designed with an almost excessive appeal that many homeowners found attractive. Built using concrete and steel exteriors and high end, luxury interior materials such as granite, tempered glass and exotic woods, modern/new build style homes were chosen by 15% of London homeowners.
  3. Eco-Build 2000s- with homeowners wanting a more environmentally friendly building with energy efficient features and many advanced eco-friendly materials such as bamboo and recycled plastics, the eco-build homes of the 2000’s until today, were chosen by 13% of London homeowners and home buyers.
  4. Pre-Georgian detached- similar in build and style to Georgian detached homes, Pre-Georgian detached homes were built with a much simpler façade, albeit with more windows set in a grid along the front of the building. Most Pre-Georgian homes were symmetrical in appearance and only two rooms deep front to back. Pre-Georgian detached homes are chosen by 10% of London’s homeowners.
  5. Edwardian semi-detached- with their parquet floors, wide hallways, dual-aspect rooms, inside bathroom and toilet and gas lighting, Edwardian homes were a welcome change from the Victorian-era homes that preceded them. Many were wider than earlier homes and only two stories tall, but the interiors were brighter and much more spacious. 9% of London homeowners choose Edwardian semi-detached homes.

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