Corporate Social Responsibility

At Robert Manning, we are focused in creating an environment that considers the social, economic,and environmental impact in line with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This has led us to look inward at what we can achieve and focus on within a manageable scale. We are now proudly contributing to the communities and environments in which we operate in, as we have a duty to help create a sustainable future.

Below are some of the organisations and/or practices the company are proud to support:

Donating to Ministry Prison Reoffenders

One of our newest initiatives include donating to the Ministry in efforts to reduce prison re-offending rates and help with the rehabilitation of offenders.


Within our offices we aim to actively recycle materials such as paper and cardboard which in turn allows it to be turned into new products such as office paper, newspapers, books and magazines. As a company we are committed to reducing our paper wastage as well by shifting towards a paperless environment. Our shift to a paperless environment means we try to limit any written correspondence to an email andrather opt for digital contracts along with the use of E-Signatures.

Equal Opportunities

Robert Manning are committed to an equal opportunity working environment of which we see as fundamental to the core values of the company. We are proud to display the diversity throughout the company and hire staff from a multitude of different backgrounds. As such, the diversity shown within our company profile also reflects the people we find homes for.
The diversity policy we have in place aims to ensure that no job applicant or employee receives less favorable treatment because of gender, race, age, sexual preference, religious beliefs or disability.